A video showing the reaction of Crimeans to the Ukrainian anthem was posted on Youtube by Cyber & Radio S Group.

“Cyberforces of Ukraine have gained access to a number of video surveillance systems in the occupied Crimea. Using cameras with two-way audio communication, the broadcast of Ukrainian anthem was arranged in some premises,” reads the caption to the video.

The video shows that the Crimeans reacted to the sounds of not yet forgotten hymn in different ways: from bewilderment (as not being reported to the FSB, Russian Federal Security Service?) to the nostalgic smiles.

It should be noted that one of the first things Vladimir Putin did as Russian President in 2000, was the return to the Soviet anthem. Instead of classical music by Mikhail Glinka, the mobilizing alarm by Alexander Alexandrov sounded again; the lyrics for the Soviet anthem was for the third time written by a famous fabulist Sergei Mikhalkov (after its debut in 1944 during Stalin reign and adjustments in 1977s in times of Brezhnev).

Photo: Internet