Total violation of human rights and freedoms is ongoing in the annexed Crimea, according to the study of the democracy development of Countries in Transition «Nations in Transit-2016" conducted by Freedom House.

- In practice, the peninsula is controlled Russian appointees, who despise the basic democratic principles and human rights. The Crimean Tatars, who make up 13 percent of the population, as well as all the others who consider the annexation of Crimea illegal, are subjected to harassment and persecution by the actual authorities, the report says.

It is noted that the "power" in the Crimea deprives independent public organizations the right to freedom of activity. In particular, it is constantly reporterd about the persecution of the Crimean Tatars and their organizations.

- The activities of the representative body of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People are paralyzed. Tatar leaders who have moved to mainland Ukraine, are denied entry to the peninsula. Those who remained in the Crimea, have been arrested, in particular, the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis Ahtem Chiygoz, the document says.

The researchers also point out that "the Minsk process also does not solve the Crimea issue, and it means that the peninsula will probably remain under the Russian control."

Photo: Interne