Crimea is under the threat of changes in ethnic composition of the population because Russia continues military build-up in the occupied peninsula, the Deputy Minister of Temporary Occupied Territories and IDPs (internally displaced persons) Heorhiy Tuka reported during the annual meeting with European partners.

“The increase of Russian military potential in the Crimea territory is a great issue. Russia imports a large number of regular military personnel. It is clear that families move to Crimea to live together with the military. They do not move for a day or two. Thus, Russia repeats the steps of the Soviet Union and artificially changes the demographics of the whole region. It is unacceptable. This is a fragrant violation of international law”.

According to Tuka, Russia bans Ukrainian websites that provide citizens in the annexed territory with the opportunity to study Ukrainian language, literature and history, and to prepare for taking exams in Ukrainian universities.

The Deputy Minister also stressed that the Ministry of Higher Education promotes empowerment of students from Crimea for preferential entry conditions under a simplified procedure to universities throughout Ukraine, and not only in certain areas.

Earlier, Ukraine Ministry of temporarily occupied territories and IDPs creates a database, which will include specific individuals involved in human rights violations in the occupied Crimea