(QHA) -

Turkey's Development Fund for Crimea, arranges mass iftars -- evening meal during Ramadan fasting -- for Crimean Muslims. Organization for Crimean Tatar national movement (OCNM) together with local Mejlis offices helps in arranging the event.

“Our compatriots face difficult times, so we arrange iftars during holy Ramadan to support them. We took Turkish cooks to make meals, so our compatriots are able to taste Turkish cuisine”- head of the Fund Umit Shilit said.

Crimean Tatars express their sincere gratitude to their Turkish brothers for support.

“Despite all the events that took place in Crimea, despite all the difficulties, that our compatriots had to get over, they came here to spend holy Ramadan together. May the Allah accept their donations and increase them”- head of executive committee of Kurultay Zair Smedlyaev said.

Note: Development Fund for Crimea in Turkey (Ankara) -- Kırım Gelişim Vakfı -- was founded in 1998 in Turkish city of Eskishehir by Turkey’s 9th president Suleyman Demirel. The main purpose of the Fund is support for Crimean Tatar culture development and strengthening of Crimea, Turkey cooperation.