10 Turkish citizens, allegedly related to the business sphere were invited to participate in the forum. However, as it became known to QHA, some of them do not even know about their "attendance".
April 19, the Embassy of Ukraine in Turkey published a brochure for Turkish representatives of the business sector regarding participation in the Yalta forum. First and foremost, it is stressed that any businessman who was invited or wants to join the forum organized by the occupiers without obtaining the appropriate permission from the Ukrainian authorities, can face both Ukrainian and international sanctions.

April 19 Central Association of Culture and Mutual Aid of Crimean Tatars also made an official statement regarding the invitation of Turkish entrepreneurs to Crimea:

“Illegal event "International Yalta Economic Forum", organized by the Russian Federation in the annexed Crimea, is yet another confirmation of Moscow’s ignoring any laws.”

The statement reminded that economic sanctions are, first of all, applied to individuals or legal entities, or any investors with economic and trade relations with the Crimea.

Against the backdrop of repeated statements by the Turkish government about the non-recognition of the Russian occupation of the Crimea, the participation of Turkish businessmen in this event would be considered a betrayal of the foreign policy of the Republic. Ukrainian officials already warned Turkish citizens about the possible consequences of such a visit.

According to the information QHA news agency received, the following citizens of Turkey were invited to participate in the forum:

Kürşat Tüzmen, the former Minister of Foreign Trade of Turkey.
Akkan Suver, a former speaker of the Nationalist Movement Party.
Bahadır Aksoy, a member of the board of Aksoy Holding.
Cengiz Güldamlası from a construction firm of CENAY.
Naida Camukova from the firm "Nergiz".
Ümit Kaya, the Chairman of the Council for Trade Business.
Ünver Sel, a pro-Russian Crimean Tatar, a businessman.
Yücel Recep Levent from the firm "Taksan".
Şamil Ayrım, a former deputy.
Mehmet Karaca, a businessman.

As well as representatives of news agencies TRT and ATV.

According to the source of QHA, the editorial office of the TRT refused to take part in the event over the status of the Crimean peninsula.

One of the guests invited to the forum, Akkan Suver, said that he does not understand how he was on the lists of guests:

"I do not know anything about such an invitation. And I do not understand why my name is mentioned. Now I'm in Turkey. And I'm concerned that my name is being used for some unknown reason.”

Ex-Minister of Foreign Trade of Turkey Kürşat Tüzmen commented on the situation for the news agency with similar indignation:

"I have not heard of such an invitation. When I was still in charge of the ministry, we had excellent relations with the Crimea, for us it was a priority to invest in the peninsula, and we even worked closely with Mr. Dzhemilev. And I'm not going to accept any invitation.”

Apart from the inviting businessmen and politicians, Russian sources also reported about the visit of the presidential delegation from Turkey. However, this turned out to be a lie.

The UN General Assembly has repeatedly officially condemned both the Russian occupation of the Crimea and the violation of human rights on the peninsula, and many countries such as the United States, Japan, Canada, EU countries and others have imposed political and economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, but Moscow continues to carry out various activities on the annexed Ukrainian territory.

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