Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR can move to Lithuania due to the lack of funding from the state budget of Ukraine, according to the chief editor of the news channel Osman Pashayev, Ukrainian Truth reports.

“We have a lot of historical ties with Lithuania, they have always supported us greatly. For example, in the spring the Congress of the Crimean Tatars executive committee was held in the Lithuanian Seimas building. And all the political leaders of Lithuania have an unambiguous position on Crimea,” Pashayev said.

He said that earlier the Government decided to allocate UAN 40 million annual aid from the state, which, however, were not received.

“The last reason is economic. If the European Commission will implement the recommendation of the European Parliament's financial support (point 9 of the European Parliament resolution on Crimea 02/04/2016), we are physically beneficial to place the channel on the territory of the EU with the lowest costs for its maintenance,” Pashayev said.

The Representatives of the channel confirmed its difficult financial situation to QHA. So, the deputy director of ATR Eider Muzhdabaev said that moving to Lithuania is only an option for the channel, regarded as an opportunity to continue its functioning. Pashayev echoed his comment saying that the TV channel has not yet received the corresponding proposition from Lithuania.

Photo: Internet