In occupied Simferopol, the so-called law enforcement officers detained the Head of the "Crimean Anti-Corruption Committee" Ilya Bolshedvorov who on Monday, February 6, picketed with a placard "Stolen Simferopol" demanding the resignation of the Head of the Kremlin-controlled city administration Gennady Bakharev.

Along with the protester, "police" also brought "Ataman of the Crimean Cossacks" Sergey Akimov who filmed the action on camera, to the Central police department. Enforcement officers motivated detention of the Crimeans with fear that "a crowd may gather."

Video of the protest action and the moment when Bolshedvorov was detained is posted on his Facebook page.

Rallies against the local authorities, including the "Deceived Crimea" are repeatedly held on the peninsula. Some part of the Crimean population hopes to draw the attention of the Russian President on corruption among officials appointed by the Kremlin and their links to crime.

QHA reported that activists Bolshedvorov and Akimov had already carried out a similar picket in Simferopol on December 12 on the occasion of the Constitution Day. Then Akimov headed the action and was detained by the "police". Bolshedvorov who shot a picket on the camera was taken along to the police department as well. At that time, enforcement officers motivated the detention of activists by the fact that the presence of a man with a camera near a protester is a group picket.

Photo: Internet