A problem with immigrants, unfortunately, will not be solved quickly; it will drag on for years, reported Ella Libanova, an Academician at NAN Ukraine, Director of the NAN Institute of Demography and Social Studies at a press conference in Kiev Oct. 6.

As for financial aid for displaced people, according to the Ministry of Social Policy, the total amount of funds allocated for their needs was USD 2, 206 billion. But the distribution of this money has appeared to be ineffective. Currently, the state has no funds to compensate for the cost of immigrants rent.

The only constructive assistance that a state can render is employment. Also, people need assistance in preparation of the necessary legal documents, including the European Court, said Ella Libanova.

Nobody knows exactly how many immigrants are there in Ukraine. But even if a single register will be drawn up, it won’t tackle the problem, since a part of immigrants is fictitious, said Libanova.