In connection with the attempted military coup in Turkey, the State Border Service of Ukraine enhanced the protection of the state border. This was reported in the State Border Service website.

- In connection with the dangerous developments occurring on the territory of Turkey and the implementation of the President’s orders, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine took targeted measures to increase the security of the state border, especially the southern section, - the report says.

Thus, at the checkpoints for the aviation and maritime traffic, control over border is tightened, regulatory and operational activities have been organized and are being carried out, the level of information exchange and cooperation between border agency divisions and the State Security Service of Ukraine, National Police and National Guard was increased.

- All security measures are aimed at providing the Ukrainian state border regime with smooth operation of border crossing points, adequate security of passengers crossing the state border, and also preventing the entry of extremist parties, transportation of arms, ammunition and means of terror to Ukraine, - the State Border Service reports.

It is also noted that special attention is paid to the offshore section. The guards increased readiness for actions of coast guard and border aviation forces, provided enhanced monitoring of the situation in territorial sea and maritime areas of Exclusive Economic Zone.

It should be reminded that the Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic Binali Yildirim announced the attempted military coup during the night of 15 to 16 July. Responsibility for the attempt was immediately assumed the by the Turkish army, which declared the seizure of power in the country.

President RecepTayyip Erdogan addressed the citizens in a videoconference, and urged people to fight the rebels. At the moment, a sweep of rebels in the ranks of the Armed Forces is being conducted throughout the entire territory of the Turkish Republic, while some rallies and clashes take place in the streets.

According to the latest data, now the rebels turn in their arms. 2839 soldiers are arrested. As a result of a number of attacks and explosions, according to preliminary data, 161 people killed, the number of injured has reached 1440.

Photo: Internet