A rally dedicated to the political prisoner Oleg Sentsov was held at the Olimpiysky stadium in Kyiv. The activists unfolded a large banner with the inscription "Oleg Sentsov, Ukraine is with you!" and lit the flares.

More than 700 activists and not-indifferent citizens came to support the illegally charged Ukrainian filmmaker. Many of them were holding posters with photographs of the Kremlin prisoners. Among those present were acting Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun, Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan, and some People's Deputies of Ukraine.

“I'm from Sevastopol, and when we moved to the mainland with friends, we realized that many do not even know how many Ukrainian patriots actually remained in the Crimea, because Russian propaganda made a picture that almost all the population supports Russia. In fact, this is not true. Therefore, today I am here with the Ukrainian flag, which says "Sevastopol", a member of the Crimean human rights group Volodymyr Chikrygin told the QHA correspondent.

Participants of the action chanted "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!", "Free Sentsov "and "Crimea is Ukraine".

"Babylon'13", Crimean "Ultras" and representatives of the battalion "Azov" invited me to coordinate the action. We hope to show that we support Ukrainian prisoners of war who are on the territory of the Russian Federation. And first of all, I hope that our authorities and the international community will do everything to return Sentsov," said Nazary Kravchenko, a representative of URLAS FC Dynamo Kyiv.

The hymn of Ukraine was sung at the end of the action.

Earlier, lawyer Mark Feygin said that Moscow will not agree to a collective exchange of Ukrainian political prisoners.

Reportedly, a new wave of actions around the world is planned for Sentsov's birthday.