In an interview with Radio Liberty, the Deputy Minister of the Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons George Tuka stated that Ukraine is preparing lawsuits against the Russian Federation for the destroyed plants in the occupied Crimea.

- Lately, Ukrainian companies have reinstated ownership of those objects, which are located, for example, in the Crimea through the courts. One of the companies, located in Chernovtsy resumed ownership of the tank farm, which is located in the city of Sevastopol through the courts. I am convinced that it is only the first steps, because a lot of lawsuits are being prepared; we will help our individuals and enterprises to claim compensation through the courts. This is a very efficient mechanism, - Tuka said.

Tuka noted that there have already been some cases when a country that refused to comply with such claims and the international decisions, suffered from seizure of aircrafts, ships, rail cars or houses, located abroad.

- We can lose the whole field. There is information, and not a few of it, about entire plants that were simply cut out and removed to the territory of the Federation. There is information about the ferroalloy plant, which was stopped during active hostilities, and those specialists to whom I spoke, say that it is virtually impossible to restore the enterprise’s operation - it's like to buy and install new equipment. Such examples are numerous, so now, it is impossible to calculate at least the approximate value, - the deputy minister said.