In the future, the organization will not be able to pay the rent, and it would have to suspend work and limit its activity to some events, according to the Center founder Leonid Kuzmin.
“This is our first appeal to the deputies - a certain number of deputies elected from the Crimea - first of all it is addressed to them. Currently we  have a very difficult financial situation. In the future we will not be able to pay rent, and will have to suspend our work and switch to provisional events, like we were working before we had an office.”
Kuzmin also speaks about the actions that would help residents of Crimea in the occupied peninsula.
“I think that today it is necessary to work with the Crimeans.To develop social and humanitarian programs to deal with the reintegration of the peninsula and residents. Probably, to run the program "Ukraine through the eyes of the Crimean people", enabling a group of common citizens to travel to the Crimea to tour cultural sites to see that what is said on Russian television, is not true.”
Earlier QHA reported that in the morning of January 12, officers of the Federal Security Service of Russia detained a member of the Ukrainian Cultural Center Andrei Vinogradov in the occupied Crimea.
Photo: Internet