June, 26 the Crimean Tatar people celebrate the holiday symbolizing the nation’s revival - the Day of the National Flag.

Due to the occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation for the last two years the main events dedicated to the Day of Crimean Tatar Flag have been held in mainland Ukraine with the help of public organizations and under the coordination of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People.

On such an important day, as well as the anniversary of the Deportation of 1944, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Turkey is next to the brotherly and friendly people.

Today, the Embassy has published an official statement due to the oncoming Day of the Crimean Tatar National Flag:

The Embassy congratulates the Crimean Tatar people in the Diaspora and in Ukraine, as well as all the Ukrainian citizens on the Day of the Crimean Tatar National Flag.

The National Flag of the Crimean Tatars has become a real symbol of the unbroken spirit and the struggle waged by the people for the right to live freely in their native land.

Not only the similarity of colors - blue and gold unites the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar national flags, the main thing is that they are symbols of two nations fighting for freedom and jointly resisting foreign aggression.

In this important and dramatic, but at the same time heroic time, as it has always been in history, Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars are jointly fighting for their future since they share common values of democracy and the rule of law.

We have no doubt that the legal justice in relation to the Crimean Tatar people will be restored as part of the irreversible process of restoring the Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Two flags - united Ukraine!

Every year on this day Crimea, the city of Simferopol, and other localities held a variety of public events, contests, sports competitions, attended by thousands of people.

The Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Refat Chubarov reported on the celebrations due to be held in the Ukrainian capital on the Crimean Tatar Flag Day June, 26. All Kiev citizens and guests of the capital are invited to celebrate the Day of the Crimean Tatar National Flag jointly with the Crimean Tatars.

Photo: Internet