Illegally detained in Russia, Ukrainian Pavel Grib, who is kept in the remand center of Krasnodar in Russia, is not delivered mail and not provided with proper medical care, despite liver diseases, the lawyer Marina Dubrovina stated.

According to her, the officers of the detention center do not record his complaints. The documents do not contain information about his health problems, although Pavel Grib regularly complains of poor health.

"They pretend to be helping, although in reality there is no help. I cannot get them to record it," the lawyer said.

The Ukrainian buys medicines himself for the money that the consuls give him which helps to maintain health.

Earlier, on March 20 in Russia, a meeting was held to consider the appeal on the measure of restraint against Grib.

The EU earlier said that they expect the immediate release of Ukrainian Grib and other Ukrainian citizens who are held in Russia.

Reference: Pavel Grib disappeared on August 24, 2017 in Belarus. According to him, unknown people in plain clothes kidnapped him at Gomel's bus station and passed him to other unknown people in the forest. More than a day, Pavel was kept in a room without windows, after which he was taken to the Smolensk region, where the arrest was registered.

The authorities of Belarus do not recognize their involvement in the kidnapping of the Ukrainian citizen.

Source: Novaya Gazeta