Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Valeriya Lutkovska and Russia's Human Rights Commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova agreed to visits to convicted Russian and Ukrainian citizens who are serving their sentences in Crimea and mainland Ukraine, Tatyana Moskalkova's press secretary Alexey Zlovedov told the Russian news agency.

"These visits are due to the mutual desire of the Commissioners for Human Rights, guided primarily by humanitarian concerns, to gain an on-the-spot understanding of prison conditions and to consider options for implementing, in relation to specific cases, the existing in international practice right of convicted persons to serve their sentences in the State of their citizenship," the diplomat said.

According to the representative of the Russian Ombudswoman, they now agree on the dates of the visits.

On December 11, Valeriya Lutkovska said in an interview that she was negotiating with the Ombudswoman of the Russian Federation on the transfer of prisoners kept in Crimea to the territory controlled by Ukraine. Then she was going to raised the question of returning those who had already been convoyed to Russia.

Photo: Internet