A Ukrainian citizen Maitrey, who moved to live in the Himalayas, planted the Crimean Tatar flag on the roof of a private hotel. A well-known traveler Dmitry Komarov told an unusual story of the hermit.

Five years ago Maitrey moved to the city of Mukinat, located in the secret Kingdom of Mustang in the mountains. Now he looks like a hermit monk, but earlier the Ukrainian had almost everything. He is a former sapper of the airborne troops, as well as the CEO of a large advertising agency, which brought him an annual income of $ 250 thousand.

“This is the thirst for transformation, the thirst for change. Because all the existence had become automatic. I automatically brushed my teeth and reacted just the same to the same jokes. We must not let things own us,” Maitrey said in a conversation with Komarov.

For five years, Maitrey is drinking only water and eating Himalayan salt crystals. He earns his leaving due to tourists, renting out rooms in a private hotel. His whole house is decorated with flags of different countries and peoples. Among them, there is a Crimean Tatar one, flying on the roof.

Maitrey did not tell how it had got there. Perhaps it was brought and planted by tourists, or the Ukrainian himself. However, for several years, the blue flag with golden Tamga welcomes tourists from all over the world at an altitude of 3710 meters.

Previously, May 18, 2014,  a climber Aznor Hajiyev planted the Crimean Tatar people flag on top of the highest mountain in Europe, Elbrus.

In March 2016 an activist of the Crimean Tatar origin Amet Bakirov unfolded the flag of his nation on Goverla. Overcoming the way to the mountain top, Amet Bakirov uttered words sacred to the Crimean Tatar people: «Qırım, Vatan, Millet».

Photo: screenshot from the video