As part of the training and cooperation with the Turkish Police Department the Ukrainian police instructors have completed the three-week course on the principles of the police work during public events. The courses were worked out by the Istanbul Police Department.

The program involved 40 Ukrainian policemen with two of them being women. They arrived in Turkey Aug 21.

On behalf of Ukrainian policemen the Ukrainian police trainer Vadim Zetensky thanked the Turkish colleagues for the invaluable experience:

We have learned the algorithm of actions at public events. And once we arrive in Ukraine, we’ll immediately share this experience. We have acquired a great experience here.

The first group of the policemen, with two of them being women, arrived in Turkey from Kiev in the framework of agreements between the Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip. The main objective of this experience exchange is to develop and strengthen the security cooperation between two countries, as well as to allow Turkey to contribute to police reforms in Ukraine.

Photo: Internet