The political prisoner Andrei Kolomiyets, who was convicted in the occupied Crimea for participating in the Revolution of Dignity, complained about the deterioration of his health and asked for medical assistance.

The message of Andrei was published in Facebook by his wife, Galina Kolomiets:

“Today, Andrei wrote an application for medical assistance in this format.

I ask for a medical examination, since I very often got a severe headache, which comes with nausea, dots in the eyes, blurriness, pain in the back of the head, pulsation in the temples (as if the head explodes). The stains on the body which began during the arrest were formerly small, but now the whole body is itchy, sometimes there is a sanies. I ask to diagnose me and prescribe treatment.”

The wife of Andrey Kolomiets also added:

“Let's see if the doctor is called and how quickly things will be done.”

Earlier, QHA reported that a Ukrainian Andrei Kolomiets was sentenced in Crimea and sent to serve his sentence in Krasnodar, Russian Federation.

Reference: Andrei Kolomiets was detained on the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria, and then transported to Crimea. He was charged with the alleged attempted murder of two former employees of "Berkut" unit during the events on the Maidan in Kyiv. He was charged under several articles of the Criminal Code: Art. 105 of the Criminal Code - murder of two or more persons (unfinished), Art. 228 - possession of drugs, Art. 30 - attempt to commit a crime. Andrei Kolomiets was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment in a strict regime colony. Human rights defenders and lawyer believe the case is completely fabricated and politically motivated, considering Andrei Kolomiets as a political prisoner of the Kremlin.

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