Luhansk regional television ("LOT") and Pulse radio resumed broadcasting in the Russia-occupied Luhansk, as well as Stanichno-Luhansk and other front-line areas, reports the Luhansk regional military and civil administration (OVGA) on its FB page.

- Prior to this it was possible to watch and listen only to Russian and Russian terrorist propaganda channels, said the administration.

While LOT and Pulse were resuming their work and increasing the information content, the works aimed at changing the logistics alarm were also being carried out. Previously, the area received a signal from Luhansk, but now it has been turned in the opposite direction.

According to the Luhansk administration, a more powerful transmitter will work in Starobelsk and it will make possible to broadcast in Novoaydarsky district and the city of Schastye. The transmitters will also be installed in Lisichansk, thereby broadcasting will cover the north of Luhansk region.