Car owners, who failed to re-register their vehicles (vehicle identification numbers, VIN), under the Russian legislation in occupied Crimea, began to receive warnings. 

According to the head of the Crimean “State Road Traffic Inspectorate at the Russian Ministry of Interior Anatoly Borisenko, the creation of database of car owners, who have already been given a warning, is underway. In ten days, they will be held responsible for late registration.

This information is made public on the website of the so-called government of Crimea.

According to Borisenko, the Vehicle Licensing Office (MREO) units in Crimea have re-registered about 500 thousand vehicles under the Russian Federation law.

“As such, according to a resolution adopted at a joint meeting with the prosecutor’s office, the people, who have not re-registered their cars, are being given warnings,” Borisenko said.

It was reported earlier that Russian authorities obliged the owners of vehicles living in Crimea, as well as legal entities, to replace the license plates issued under Ukraine legislation with Russian ones until April 1, 2016.

Photo: Internet