On February 15, ethnic Ukrainians living in the Crimea brought 72 coins worth 10 rubles to support participants in one-person pickets, who were fined by the Kremlin- controlled courts.

The Crimean activist Riza Asan called the support of the Crimean Tatars by Ukrainians a manifestation of unity.

According to him, this has once again proved that repression against the Crimean Tatars is not only a problem of the Crimean Tatars only.

"It became the pain of all civilized people, regardless of ethnic or religious origin," he wrote.

Reference: The action Crimean Marathon, which was initiated to support political prisoners and public activists on the Crimean peninsula, involved about one hundred thousand Crimean Tatars.

Earlier, the activist of the association Crimean Solidarity Server Mustafayev told Hayat radio that the second Crimean marathon showed tremendous results of perseverance, solidarity and unity of the people. Within the marathon about two million rubles was collected.