At another meeting on the "Umerov case" in the Kremlin-controlled Simferopol district court, the defense filed a petition for a repeated linguistic examination of Ilmi Umerov's speech. The judge rejected this petition, according to the video message of lawyer Edem Semedlyaev.

“The prosecutor objected due to the fact that the materials of the case included two examinations, which do not contradict each other, therefore there are no grounds for conducting another examination. To which we objected, saying that the review that we had provided indicates that the submitted examination (forensic linguistic examination conducted by Olga Ivanova, an employee of the FSB of Russia) contains a great number of mistakes in spelling and in the methodology of conclusions,” he noted.

Aishe Umerova confirmed this information, noting that the "court" found no violations by Olga Ivanova.

“Judge Kulishov refused to satisfy the petition. Repeated examination will not be performed. The court did not find any violations by Ivanova.”

She said that after the decision on the examination, the judge stated that Ilmi Umerov himself would be questioned. To this, the defense indicated that the meeting was unscheduled and three of the four defenders were not present.

The meeting was adjourned until Wednesday, September 13, 11:30. The judge noted that the defense should be ready to proceed to the debate immediately after the interrogation.

The day before, September 7, the Kremlin-controlled Simferopol district court denied the defence of the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ilmi Umerov to admit the linguistic expertise of the Bureau of Linguistic Expertise of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to the case materials

Reference: May 12, 2016, the FSB in the Crimea initiated a criminal case against the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis Ilmi Umerov under art. 280.1 for allegedly calling to actions that threaten the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation on the air of the ATR. Umerov said that his words in the program were incorrectly translated.

PHOTO: Aishe Umerova Facebook