Ukraine is ranked among the top ten leaders in terms of the number of internally displaced persons.
Permanent Representative of UN Development Program in Ukraine Neal Walker made a corresponding statement during the discussion "The Key to the Peaceful Agenda - in the hands of internally displaced persons of Ukraine".

“1.6 million of internally displaced persons have been registered in Ukraine and the country ranks the ninth in the world in the terms of the number of internally displaced persons,” Walker stated.

He went on saying that at present there is no comprehensive strategy of working with internally displaced persons in Ukraine that would be implemented by state bodies.

As of November 27, the Ministry of Social Policy has registered 1 494 806 internally displaced persons from the area of the anti-terrorist operation and Russian-annexed Crimea.

Reportedly, according to the Ministry of Social Policy, the number of migrants from the Donbas and Crimea registered in November decreased by almost 100 thousand people.

Source: Ukrainian News