The UN special structure Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has ceased all contacts with administrations of cultural heritage sites in the occupied Crimea, the Permanent Representative of Russia to UNESCO Aleksandr Kuznetsov reported in Paris, according to the RF propaganda resource "CrimeaInform".

“Crimea is completely cut off from the activities of UNESCO, although all the people who used to work with this organization when the peninsula was part of Ukraine remained in their places. Now all contacts with them are completely ceased, because the further communication will be considered as an indirect recognition of Russia's sovereignty in the Crimea. They categorically refuse any contacts.”

According to Kuznetsov, earlier UNESCO cooperated, in particular, with the museum-reserve "Chersonese Taurian", associated schools, departments and scientific centers of the Crimea. But now, according to the representative of the country-occupier, UNESCO "has abandoned all these people and feeds on Kyiv propaganda."

Kuznetsov said that the organization does not intend to send any delegation to the occupied Crimea.

“They are afraid, because a lot of questions immediately arise: How to go to the Crimea? Through Ukraine this is impossible, and through Moscow is an indirect recognition of Russia's sovereignty. And such a deadlock situation persists. And I think that it will be the same for a while.”

Reportedly UNESCO's work on giving the World Heritage status to the objects located on the peninsula has also been terminated.
Note that UNESCO adheres to the UN General Assembly resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine and does not recognize any change in the status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.
Earlier Deputy Foreign Minister, Chair of the National Commission of Ukraine for UNESCO, Sergiy Kyslytsya called on the National Commission for UNESCO to "keep the Crimea in sight."
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