The Specialized Agency of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) expressed serious concern about the so-called reconstruction of the Palace of the Crimean Khans in Bakhchisaray.

As it stated in the document of the organization, this historic site is listed in the World Cultural Heritage in 2003.

According to UNESCO, since 2017, the occupation authorities on the peninsula launched so-called “restoration works”, that are accompanied by the barbaric destruction of cultural and historical heritage of the Crimean Tatar people.

Thus, during these works, all tiles and old oak beams were removed from the Big Khan Mosque, which is the part of the palace complex. On the walls of the temple the paintings of 18th century were damaged.

Cracks appeared on the facade of the building.

Due to the repair works, a metal canopy is being built around the Mosque, which creates a heavy load on the building and gives a threat of building destruction.

“The most alarming fact is that all these restoration works are supervised by construction personnel who has neither the relevant experience nor qualification in restoration of historic buildings. Such actions pose a real threat of destruction of this historical monument.”

The report says that the National Commission of Ukraine for UNESCO and the Permanent Delegation of Ukraine to UNESCO are in constant contact with the leadership and units of the UNESCO secretariat.

As reported, on March 2018, UNESCO issued a report on the deterioration of the situation regarding the protection of cultural heritage in occupied Crimea. The document indicates the facts of violations of the occupation authorities in protection of cultural heritage. The organization demanded the Russian Federation immediately stop repair works that lead to the destruction of the Khan`s Palace.

Source: UNESCO