Vinnitsa residents gathered at one of the main squares of the city - Independence Square - and rode to the concert hall "Rainbow". They were dressed in embroidered shirts and rode the bicycles decorated with flowers and national symbols. The entire families joined the action: the youngest participant was 6 years old, the oldest - 70.

According to the organizer Alexandr Bagram, Chairman of the public organization "Vinnitsa Mobile", the bicycle race is held under the slogan "Ukraine begins with you":

“This year, for the first time the representatives of police joined our bike ride, as we were usually accompanied by GAI (traffic police). At the finish they will hold themed competitions on knowledge of traffic rules. We are also going to present gifts from sponsors to the best family, best Ukrainian costume and creative bike.

As part of the sporting event there was held a charity fair from the monks of “Order of the Sun ". They cooked delicious porridge and treated it to all comers at symbolic donations. The money collected at the festival will go to the needs of the field Hospitals and the wounded soldiers.

A 17-year-old participant of the bicycle race Sofia Stusenko says that atmosphere is very important in such events:

“I have participated in the bike rides for three years, and it is such a charge of emotion that does not leave you for many days. We are here like one big family - cheerful and happy."