According to a statement, they are going to raise funds for "emergency legal assistance" to those detained at mass rallies.

- Among the detained there are also political activists who know what they are doing, but most of the arrested are ordinary citizens who participated in the peaceful rallies, guaranteed by the Constitution, and did not expect to end up behind bars.

Neither you nor we can stop the shameful practice of dispersal of peaceful demonstrations. But we are capable of not letting down the citizens who ran into mischief.

Voinovich and Basilashvili say "the number of such people is growing up with close to a hundred of men having been detained during such rallies. These people go out for freedom, for dignity, for fair elections. They hit the streets for us."

- We guarantee that jointly with the "Memorial", "Rus sitting”, “Committee of May 6" and other organizations all your funds will be used exclusively for legal assistance to detainees, according to the letter.