Anna Akhmatova park in Sevastopol, the first reconstructed since 2014, is crumbling with cosmic velocity.

The publication Primechaniya note, the asphalt sinks in the park, the storm sewer is brought directly to the beach, showers and trash bins are installed in unacceptable proximity to the sea.

The devastation meets the visitors right at the central gate to the park. Facing stone under the fence falls off, cracks are formed under it.

The publication writes that the fence itself is inappropriate, as urban planning norms for seismic areas require free access to parks and squares.

The graveled paths leading to the fence are washed out with the rains.

There is a dangerous electrical box in the park.

Sub-transformer is located almost on the central parkway and a toilet is placed just fifteen meters away from it.

Planting trees, officials do not care very much how they will grow.

Piles of stones are scattered throughout the park. In some places they could be taken for a work of art, if it was not a dump of construction debris.

The fences of the embankment and the bankhead are oxidized, leaving brown traces.

In May the Crimean authorities banned visiting the Anna Akhmatova park after 8 p.m. The entrance to the park is guarded.
Source: Primechaniya