The so-called Crimean "Ministry of Housing" will not build a waste recycling plant in the territory of Saki and Evpatoria tourist regions according to the so-called "Crimean Deputy Chairman of the State Council Committee on Economic, Fiscal and Tax Policy" Olga Vinogradova, as cited by Novosti Kryma.

“The Ministry’s strategy does not provide for the construction of a waste recycling enterprise but the landfill only. Because we have certain investors but no site,” she said.

The region, which includes the tourist regions of Saki and Yevpatoria are already "choking" with litter, but they do not have territories for waste disposal. But the occupation authorities do not take such issues into account in their "regional development strategies". Moreover, the Crimeans will have to pay for the new concept of the "Housing Ministry" from their own pockets.

“Besides the waste burial, the "Housing Ministry" concept provides a significant increase in tariffs. I think that by the end of 2017, the tariffs imposed by the "Housing Ministry" will come as a very unpleasant surprise, because the concept of dumping implies the investment of 9 billion rubles, and this sum will be taken from us,” Vinogradova said.

The so-called "Ministry of Housing" has taken the initiative for the waste collection and disposal in Crimea. Previously it decided to hold tenders for the construction of waste disposal complexes and landfills in the occupied peninsula without having the necessary documents approved.

Photo: Internet