The 5th meeting of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars finished in the Turkish city of Eskisehir on July, 31. As promised, the results of the meeting in the city of Eskisehir have been published in the final declaration:


1. 9 people have been killed, 15 kidnapped and 25 detained as political prisoners during the Russian regime. These Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars were killed in 2014 and two years following since they resisted the illegal and immoral attack of the Russian Federation against the historical homeland of the Crimean Tatars.

The next people have been mentioned:

Erwin Ibragimov - missing;

Ahtem Chiygoz - detained;

Valeriy Vashchuk - missing;

Ivan Bondarec - missing;

Vasiliy chernush - missing;

Timur Shaymardanov- missing;

Seyran Zinedinov - missing;

Islyam Dzhepparov - missing;

Dzhevlet Islyamov - missing;

Eskender Apselyamov - missing;

Fedor Kostenko - missing;

Mukhtar Arislanov - missing;

Arlen Terekhov - missing;

Ruslan Ganiev - missing;

Marsel Alyautdinov - missing;

Arsen Aliev - missing;

Resat Ametov - killed;

Sergey Kokurin - killed;

Stanislav Karachevsky - killed;

Bilal Bilyalov - killed;

Edem Asanov - killed;

Muhiddin Kachok - killed;

Osman Ibragimov - killed;

Mehmet Salimov - killed;

Mumin Aliyev - killed;

Ali Asanov - detained;

Mustafa Degermendzhi - detained;

Oleg Sentsov - detained;

Alexander Kolchenko - detained;

Aleksey Chirniy - detained;

Rustem Vakhitov - detained;

Nuri (YuriY) Primov - detained;

Ruslan Zeytullaev - detained;

Ferat Sayfullaev - detained;

Emir Usein-Kuku - detained;

Muslum Aliyev - detained;

Vadim Siruk - detained;

Enver Bekirov - detained;

Refat Alimov - detained;

Arsen Dzhepparov - detained;

Hayser Dzhemilev - detained;

Alexander Kostenko - detained;

Yuri Ilchenko - detained;

Mueddin Alivapov - detained;

Zevri Abseitov - detained;

Remzi Memetov - detained;

Rustem Abiltarov - detained;

Enver Mamutov - detained;

Mark Ivanyuk - killed.

These Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians have become a symbol of the immoral resistance against the Russian occupation of Crimea. The Crimean Tatar people will always remember these names.

2. All acts of the Russian Federation targeting killing, abduction and detention of the above mentioned people are terrorist actions. Russian regime and those who directly committed these crimes bear full responsibility for these acts of terrorism. The World Congress of the Crimean Tatars will make the necessary intervention in the judicial process in order to implement all kinds of criminal and civil sanctions against those responsible for these terrorist acts.

3. The Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians, who have been jointly providing resistance to immoral Russian occupation of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, are the most powerful line of human rights defense, as well as the rule of law and democratic values. These two nations are protecting the highest human values. Therefore, it is necessary to continue imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation, which disregards the international law, in order to help them in this fight. Those States that believe in these values should immediately join these sanctions.

4. The proposal of the Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko to return Crimea under the Ukraine’s control as the "Crimean Tatar Autonomous Republic" has been welcomed in the world and WCCT as well. This proposal, as the most equitable solution in the history of the indigenous people of Crimea - Crimean Tatars, is a symbol of the common struggle of the Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian people that is going on to this day. The immediate introduction of the necessary amendments to the Ukraine’s Constitution within the framework of its territorial integrity and the implementation of this proposal will firmly tie the friendship of the two peoples.

Yours faithfully, The Executive Committee of the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars.

The World Congress of the Crimean Tatar people (WCCT) is the body uniting the Crimean Tatars who live in their historic homeland, in Crimea, as well as in the Diasporas (Turkey, Romania, Poland, USA, Canada, Lithuania, Western Europe and Central Asia).

The first session of the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars was held on May 9, 2009 in the city of Simferopol / Akmesdzhit and was attended by 420 delegates from 13 countries with Refat Chubarov being elected the Chairman.

The second meeting, which was attended by 180 members of the Crimean Tatar public organizations from 12 countries, as well as the authorized representatives of the government circles, public organizations and media, was held on August 1-2, 2015, in Ankara. In the course of the meeting it was decided to establish the international public organization the "World Congress of the Crimean Tatars" in order to achieve international support for the national self-government bodies of the Crimean Tatar people. Refat Chubarov was re-elected the WCCT re-elected the Chairman. The Congress also re-elected the members of the Executive Committee, which included 21 representatives, and members of the Audit Commission.

Three meetings of the Executive Committee were held in Romania and Ukraine (in Kiev and in the village of Chongar, Kherson region), the fourth session was held on April, 11-13, 2016 in Vilnius (Lithuania).

Photo: QHA