Sebastopol trolleys increasingly get involved in road accidents. Only last Friday two pedestrians were hit. It is not surprising since the driver now has to drive a trolley and sell the tickets to the passengers at the same time. Obviously the number of accidents will soon increase as new vehicles continue to appear on routes but there are still no conductors.

“I wouldn’t work as a trolleybus driver, they have neither conductors nor the ticket machines. The driver takes the fare, drives a bus, gives change as a kind of Shiva with many arms. And an accident comes after accident ... Bring the conductors back! The driver has other duties! I feel sorry for both, the pedestrian and the driver,” says one of the residents of the city.

In fact, the system is very unfavorable both for passengers who have to wade through the crowd to the driver's cabin and for the driver who physically can not sell the tickets to everyone during the stop. Moreover, the absence of the conductor plays right into the hands of stowaways, which of course, affects the profit of transport company "Sevelektroavtotrans" and, accordingly, low salary of staff.

A vicious circle could break turnstiles working on pre-purchased cards. Sergey Menyailo once promised them Sevastopol. But he did not go beyond the promise.

According to the "Primechaniya" edition, the Deputy Director of "Sevelektroavtotrans" Sergei Khersonsky, installation of card turnstiles is not expected. However, he did not rule out the introduction of ticket machines.

“We intend to install ticket machines. A prototype has already been made in our company and currently operates on the 14th route. A more modified version has been developed and will be tested”, explained Sergey Khersonsky.

Unfortunately, the machine will not solve the problem of the stowaways.
The "Deputy Director" agreed on the lack of conductorssaying that the company is constantly giving ads to increase the staff of conductors, is cooperating with the employment center, but applicants for this position are not numerous. The salary of 16-17 thousand rubles and the complexity of the work deter people. Mikhail Bulgakov described the work of conductor through the mouth of his character cat Behemoth: "I would like to serve as a conductor on the tram, and there is no worse job in the world." Apparently, the modern Crimeans share the classic’s opinion and do not hurry to apply for the position of conductor in "Sevelektroavtotrans".

Meanwhile, the number of population in the occupied Sevastopol is growing steadily due to the Russian visitors. The self-proclaimed authorities in order to solve the problem of crowded public transport provide new trolleys. However, if the problem of conductors is not solved, the accidents will continue.

Photo: Internet