The 8th session of the Youth Congress of Crimean Tatars (Qırımtatar Yaşlıq Qurultayı) will be held on May 13-15 in Ankara. 

It will be attended by delegates from Ukraine and its part - the Crimea, as well as Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Turkey.

The total number of participants will be more than 150 people.

Fethi Kurtiy Sahin,  Chairman of the Youth Commission of the Central Office of Cultural and Mutual Assistance Association of Crimean Tatars in Turkey (Kırım Türkleri Kültür ve Yardışma Derneği), told about the objectives and future work of the Congress:

“From the very beginning the Congress aims to create a strong and close relationship beteween the Crimean Tatar youth. Unfortunately, we cannot say that we have achieved the level we want, for the time being. However, the current conditions, force us to conduct even more serious work. We are dedicated to specific projects and would like to become an organization which works and acts in the interests of the Crimean Tatar youth.

We, as young people, should provide the dynamics the Crimean Tatar national movement needs the most. We should be active in all international platforms and among our Diasporas. Probably, in the early stages, we cannot talk about big projects. But if we create such a youth platform, I am sure that in the near future, we will reap the fruits of our labor.”

The organizer said that for the first time the Youth Congress meetings are planned to be broadcasted live via Youtube. Facebook users will be able to follow the publications, and watch the coverage on Youtube.

Photo: Internet