Celebrations were held in the city center at Mayakovsky Square. Several hundred of Zaporozhye residents visited the venue to feel the Tatar culture.

Sabantuy is the Kazakh Tatars’ national holiday, generally celebrated from late May to late June. Zaporozhye residents decided to hold Sabantuy in September, to dedicate it to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, the approaching celebration of the City Day (October 1) and the 20th anniversary of the Zaporozhye Center of Tatar Culture "Altyn Ai".

The event was also attended by the Crimean Tatars, who brought to the feast the national pie - kubite, symbolizing the unity of all nationalities living in the Zaporozhye region. According to Minevera Khanum Idrisova, head of the organization of the Crimean Tatars arrived from Melitopol, Ukrainian round loaf means wealth in the family, while the kubite is a symbol of peace and harmony in every home.

The guests were treated to traditional dishes of the Tatar national cuisine: baklava, cheburekki, pasties, pilaf, etc. The highlight of the national holiday was the "Zaporozhian samovar" with Tibetan tea.

The representatives of local authorities congratulated the Tatars, living in the Zaporozhye region, on the national holiday. The participants also enjoyed the performances of various creative groups.

Besides being able to try the food, the city residents could also participate in master classes: national Tatar scarves knitting and mehndi painting.

Photo: Irina Levchenko and Tatiana Dudka