October 22, CrossFit competition "The strength of the nation" was held in Mariupol. The participants were the ATO soldiers who survived the amputation. The local volunteers suggested the idea of such sporting events and municipal authorities supported this initiative. Defenders of Ukraine came to participate from different cities, like Kharkov, Kiev, Poltava, Vinnitsa and Ternopil.

Athletes do not like being referred to as disabled people, as they continue to live life to the fullest even after injuries and amputations. Before the competition started, the military chaplains performed a prayer and the city authorities supported the participants. They had six tasks to perform at the speed and endurance. The tasks and standards were performed with weights and special simulators.

15 soldiers of the ATO took part in the competition. Most of them had limbs amputated. But it did not prevent them from performing all the tasks and show the highest level.

All the competitors received cups and diplomas at the end of the competition, as well as certificates for financial assistance in rehabilitation. The event was attended by a lot of soldiers who came to support their brothers in arms, and the children, who were sincerity cheering athletes. The soldiers got standing ovation to the crowd chanting "Glory to the Heroes!"