Ukrainian Paralympic athletes set several records yesterday. 

Vasily Kovalchuk have taken a gold medal (air rifle). Elizabeth Mereshko swam a distance of 400 meters in 5:17.01 and established a Paralympic record.

Eugene Bogodayko set a world record by swimming 200 meters in 2: 30.72. Maxim Kripak swam 100m freestyle setting a European record. The last gold medal for the 6th Paralympics day was awarded to jumper Oksana Zubovskaya, whose 2012 Paralympics Record has not been beaten yet.

Silver was won by Dmitry Vinogradets (50 meters swimming) and Natalia Ezlovetskaya (running).

Bronze medals were awarded to Marina Litovchenko (table tennis), Eugenia Breus (fencing), Oleg Naumenko (fencing) and Maxim Veraksa (100 meters swimming).

Thus, the Ukrainian athletes have earned 5 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals for the 6th day of the Paralympic Games.

All in all, the Ukrainian national team has already gained 72 awards - 27 gold, 21 silver and 24 bronze medals.

Photo: Internet