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Principles of Privacy

Website www.qha.com.ua maintains confidentiality.

What are the principles of privacy policy?

- Information about users, who have subscribed to www.qha.com.ua site and receive e-mail and other services, is not disclosed. This information is not publicly available, and it cannot be used by third parties that do not operate or control www.qha.com.ua. site.

- Our website may collect technical data about you and yoursoftware. This information, which includes the IP address, type of browser, operating system, domain name, access time and website addresses is not sold to third parties, put in the public domain and contained in the site.

- The information obtained is for general guidance on a visitor profile, report and display of services. Our website uses the information received from you in order to improve and develop the site, create the visitor profile and visitor statistics, perform analysis on the most widely read news and email distributionlist.

Collection and use of data

- The confidentiality of information received from you when you subscribe to www.qha.com.ua website is maintained.

- When subscribing to the website you are required to submityour name, email address and other data. Thus, the distribution, which includes text, photo, video news, and analytical articles, is carried out for every e-mail address. Subscribers have the right to cancel the free subscription to the newsletters.

- The media of various countries, including Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, the US and Germany are our subscribers. QHA, along with the media, also provides services to public organizations, official bodies, banks, universities, trade unions, foreign missions and individuals. In order to improve and develop the services, the data collected may be analyzed and included in the reports.

Publication and disclosure of information

- Information published on www.qha.com.ua website is publicly available. It is also sent to subscribers and social networks users.

Privacy and Security

The access to the data of subscribers is limited for employees of the website. The authorized personnel can gain access to subscription information only if necessary.

Terms of service and use of news

- The rights to the text, visual news and photos that are published on www.qha.com.ua website and sent to subscribers belong to the “Crimean News” Agency (Qırım Haber Ajansı).

- The total or partial use or reproduction of text news or photos without the QHA consent, as well as sharing it with individuals or organizations that are not subscribers to QHA are prohibited.

- Social network users can share news published on the qha.com.ua website providing a news link.

 - When using QHA exclusive material it is obligatory to provide the source and link.

- Access to www.qha.com.ua website does not give users the right to the website content or QHA copyright.

- Links to other websites that are mentioned in news texts are provided for convenience. QHA is not responsible for the content of other websites.