Beaches of Alushta flooded with sewage and generally they are not in the best condition, the user RoksolanaToday & Crimea informed on Twitter.

According to the user, the sewage of the whole city is merging into the beach.

This is evidenced by the pictures published on the page in the social network.

“Alushta. How was your vacation? You are lying, resting, and then here you go, a fountain of collected feces of all city residents,” reads the statement.

Earlier, blogger Aleksandr Gorny found out that in the occupied Crimea, beaches of Koktebel Bay were flooded with sewage.

According to him, the bay is experiencing a real ecological catastrophe. Gorny noted that once this place was one of the pearls of the Crimea and now it turned into a fetid bog.

A representative of the NGO "Civil Asset", a resident of the occupied Koktebel Boris Yaremko said that the sewage already began to fall into the sea.

A human rights activist Sergei Naumovich published a photo of the beaches of the southern coast of the Crimea, where only about two dozen people came to rest on May holidays.