The Crimean "authorities" hope that the tourist inflow will increase in annexed Crimea. According to them, in 2015, the total number of Ukrainian tourists constituted 10% and foreign holidaymakers- 5%, said "Deputy Chairman of the Crimean Council of Ministers" Georgiy Muradov.

- We hope that this year we will overcome a 5-percent bar for foreign tourists and a 10 percent for Ukrainians, he said.

The Crimean "authorities" believe that "exciting holiday opportunities” will attract people who have heard about the rest on the peninsula from the countrymen. According to them, the tourist inflow is blocked by Ukraine.

The blockade is one of the natural reactions of the other country to the annexation of its territories and this is not only about the tourists. Taking into account the conditions that the occupiers "have provided" to the local businessmen and tourists, any hope can be given up at all since it is obvious that people will opt for cheaper and more comfortable resorts not stuffed to the eyeballs with military equipment and army.

Photo: Internet