The so-called "Ministry of Nature" in the occupied Crimea has agreed new tariffs for visiting local attractions with the Yalta "administration" according to the publication "South Yalta", controlled by the local authorities.

From now on, visiting the waterfall Uchan-su will cost 50 rubles, and climbing to the peaks of Ai-Petri Mountain - 100 rubles. The fee is charged for the entrance to the caves Yalta, Geodesic and Three-eyes, as well as for a walking along the Botkinskaya and Stangeevskaya trails, which are medical health resorts. One will have to pay 100 rubles to visit such sites as the Valley of Ghosts in the tract of Demerdzhi, Demerdzhi-yaily, Khaphalsky reserve and Jur-Jur waterfall.

The annual pass to the sights will cost 200 rubles for Yalta residents. Registration requires a Russian passport with a local residence permit.

Earlier, QHA reported that the Russian government intends to conduct an experiment, allowing the "authorities" of the Crimea to collect a resort fee from visitors up to 100 rubles for every day of staying in the occupied peninsula.

PHOTO: Internet