Certain trends in the Ukraine tourism industry have emerged with the start of the 2017 summer season. QHA correspondent found out kinds of recreation Ukrainians can afford and difference between Crimean tourists and those who go on a trip from mainland Ukraine. 
The people flow from the Crimea temporarily occupied territory to continental Ukraine increased since the tourist season start, according to the director of the travel company Aleksandr Cherednikov.

“Many people come from there to obtain ID cards or biometric passports, as they are known. They come from the Crimea themselves without intermediaries, because the procedure requires physical presence to take fingerprints”, she informed.

All those, who previously indulged in breast-beating, defiantly tore Ukrainian passports, come to restore them for biometric passports obtaining, according Cherednikova.

“You see, Ukrainian biometric passport allows them to travel, so to say, in a human way, because their Crimean passports (issued in the Krasnodar Territory, RF – Ed.) are not taken seriously anywhere. Their documents are not  even valid in the consulate in Moscow”, she explained.

“Biometric passports have been received not for one time and they have being executing now,” the director of the tourist company Tatyana Sidorenko confirmed the words of her colleague in the tourist business.

“They (Crimeans – Ed.) travel quietly (come from Crimea to Kyiv – Ed.) to process biometric passports and dozens of these documents were executed in our company only. You can imagine that probably hundreds of documents were issued throughout Ukraine”, the expert said.

Another Crimean tourist trend is their attempts to hide the tours purchase in Ukraine from the so-called authorities the peninsula, Sidorenko also reported.

“I have dealt with Crimean businessmen for several times and heard from them, so now I do not ask, why people make business there and ask about money transit in mainland Ukraine when buying a tour. They are ready even to overpay a little, but to keep in secret these financial transactions in Ukraine,” she accented.

Earlier QHA reported that the Russia Tour Operators Association confirmed that the demand for package tours to the Crimea decreased by 40-50% in May 2017. And although the summer season has just stated, analysts predict the complete failure of tourist season in the annexed peninsula this year.

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