Decline in the demand  for the annexed Crimea and Russian Krasnodar Territory resorts is uneven. On average the Crimea lost 10% of its popularity as compared to last year: this part of tourists have chosen travelling to Turkey this summer, the executive director of the Russian Association of Tour Operators (ATOR), Maya Lomidze said, the source informed.

Other representatives of the tourism industry reported about the figure of 15-20%.

Some tour operators call cold weather as one of the reasons for the decreased interest in the Black Sea coast as a whole.

“The temperature was 20-22 degrees and the sea temperature was no more than 20 degrees in Anapa in early June, while it was 30 in Cyprus. It is clear what people chose”, the general director of the Russian tourist company Sergei Romashkin explained.

The source reports that even now a number of Crimean hoteliers sound an alarm and announce their readiness  for a price reduction. On average, they propose 5%  discount. However, experts fear the dumping will not save the situation. In addition, hoteliers will find it difficult to raise tariffs in the future after dropping them once.

Earlier, The occupation authorities of Crimea have already recognized that today's price level and its growth discourage tourists. Rest has become by 50% more expensive in the annexed peninsula over two years.

PHOTO: Internet