According to Zaur Smirnov, the so-called Head of the State Committee for Interethnic Relations, the Ukrainian authorities ordered to create artificial obstacles on the border with the Crimea in order to prevent traveling of Ukrainian tourists to Crimean resorts.

Yesterday, July 19, FSB border guards stated that Ukrainians stand in kilometer queues, waiting for hours at Ukrainian border check points to go on vacation to the Crimea. At the same time, they reported that the approximate waiting time on the border with the occupied peninsula is about 13 hours. The occupiers accused Kyiv of attempting to organize another blockade of the peninsula - a tourist one. Smirnov in turn noted that his "sources from among the employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine" reported that they received the command to create artificial obstacles from the Kyiv leadership.

The so-called official says that such measures of Kyiv "are dictated by fear that citizens of Ukraine will see the real situation in the Crimea."

In his comments to QHA, the press-secretary of the Azov-Black Sea department of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Maksim Soroka noted that the occupants artificially create transport lines at checkpoints on the administrative border with the Crimea.

PHOTO: Internet