Due to the emerged opportunities to spend leisure time in Turkey, tour operators register that Russians show less interest in Crimean resorts, Rambler News Service quotes the head of the "Public Chamber" of the region Grigory Ioffe.

According to Joffe, the number of reserved places for recreation in Crimea has decrease significantly. In addition, the Russians began to cancel previously purchased trip tickets to the occupied peninsula.

“Today I asked many tour operators in Crimea how the opening of the Turkish direction affected the Crimean resorts? Indeed, it affected. There is a certain decrease for the next few months; there are also some cancelations of already purchased tickets to Crimea. This is a negative trend, and this is reality,” Joffe confirmed.

It was reported earlier that Russia lifted its ban on package tours to Turkey. The decision was taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin after his telephone conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Photo: Internet