In 2007-2011, up to 6 million tourists visited the peninsula annually. After the annexation in 2014, the number of tourists fell sharply. Even the occupation authorities register the reduction by 30%. In 2015, the peninsula was visited by 1.7 million people. Based on the results of the May holidays, the forecast for the current year stands at 1.5 to 1.7 million people.

“For all of us after the occupation of Crimea its tourism sector has changed beyond recognition,” said Alexander Liev, head of the ‘February 20’ Human Rights Group and ex-Minister for Resorts and Tourism of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, at the press conference "Crimea: The 2016 holiday season.  Projections and prospects," according to a QHA correspondent.

A record year for Crimea was the year 2012, when the Euro was held in Ukraine. Back then, 6.134 million people visited the peninsula.

The highest level is fixed at around 2.7 million tourists, Liev noted.

“Before the occupation, the main flow of tourists to Crimea has always been from Ukraine (about four million). In 2014, when there was a railway link, some 500 thousand Ukrainians visited Crimean, mostly from the eastern regions. And their number was reduced to 6% in 2015. All the other tourists were from Russia. The mono-flow of tourists is the worst problem for the tourism industry,” said the ex-Minister for Resorts and Tourism.

PHOTO: Alexander Liev’s Facebook page, Internet