A special program of a tourist quest to be developed for the Russian-occupied Crimean logo "I. Crimea. Point of attraction," presented in Simferopol on Monday, December 19, the Chairman of the Crimean regional organization of the Designers Union Olga Stepanova told the Russian journalists.

“We got the brandline "I. Crimea. Point of attraction." These four words and the point were the basic for a concept of what Crimea is, and the basic idea we are conveying. A point of attraction is a separate program that will be developed in more details and will be embodied in the branding system of not the Crimea only, but every, even the smallest object,” Stepanova said.

According to her, the concept would involve some entertainment: Finding the so-called Crimean magnets. But what are these "Crimean magnets", the designer did not specify.

According to Reuters investigation of October, Russia builds paramilitary objects at the sites of the famous tourist attractions in Crimea.

The so-called "Object 100" (built in Sevastopol in the 50-ies of XX century, the first underground stationary complex for storage and combat use of cruise missiles), until recently, was very popular with tourists, and at this stage, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has made it a closed object, which, according to locals, has been turned into a full-fledged military base with a system of anti-ship missiles from the land. Moreover, a radar station "Dnepr", located near the Sevastopol port, was transformed into a military facility as well. Dozens of soldiers wearing uniform were spotted at the base, the perimeter of the station and two inside buildings (each about 300 m long) are currently guarded.

Photo: Internet