The Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive “Sparrow” series UAVs designed for long and medium range tactical reconnaissance, the press service of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry posted on Facebook. 

According to the agency, the “Sparrow” UAVs have already passed the departmental testing.

“Sparrow series UAV are designed for long and medium range tactical reconnaissance. Their deployment speed, simplicity and reliability, resistance to mechanical and thermal effects, as well as full protection against moisture make them indispensable helpers for tactical reconnaissance groups,” the report says.

Due to their small size and special materials, "Sparrow" UAVs can conduct reconnaissance, while remaining unnoticed both visually and by radar.

“The unmanned aircraft systems in this series not only convey the full picture on the study area, but also determine the type of equipment of the enemy and its coordinates, transmitting this information to the control panel in the online mode,” the GUR of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s press-service added.

Photo: Internet