Ukraine has strengthened air control at the borders in response to the Russian Defense Ministry statement of the unexpected combat readiness check of its troops at Ukrainian borders and redeployment of subunits to the occupied Crimea, Col. Andriy Lysenko the Ukraine Ministry of Defense spokesperson on ATO issues reported at the briefing.

“The reaction of the Ukrainian military department is adequate. We have been closely watching the troops moving. The air control and borders control are strengthened and we closely follow with all possible means those maneuvers not to escalate into act of aggression”, he said.

According to him, everyone, who is at the forefront now, as well as who is guarding the state border of Ukraine, has been put on to relevant combat readiness.

"The aggressor country (Russia – Ed.) is not desisting from its efforts to intimidate both Ukraine and its Western partners, and Russia conducts unexpected trainings all the time," the Defense Ministry spokesperson said.

Earlier QHA reported that the Russian Defense Ministry announced the sudden check of troops at the border with Ukraine and redeployment of subunits to the territory of the annexed Crimea.

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