A presented multifunctional of all-weather radar complex can monitor the border within a radius of 40 km, as well as control the traffic of both air and land-based facilities, including small unmanned drones, as reported at a press conference by Vasyl Servatyuk, First Deputy Head of the State Border Service of Ukraine, Roman Romanov, General Director of Ukroboronprom state company and Igor Pasternak, Aeroscraft company spokesperson.

These systems are to substitute the obsolete Soviet stations and be installed for protection of Ukraine's water boundaries in the Sea of Azov.

According to Igor Pasternak, the complex features several modules with mode of functioning being close to the radars of AWACS reconnaissance aircraft. In addition, the complex includes a powerful intelligent system management module able to track up to to 200 targets simultaneously, depending on their size and remoteness.

The complex also features a camera with an infrared sensor that allows you to see the current target, regardless of the weather conditions and daypart.

In addition, the production of these complexes is to be transferred to the SE Ukroboronprom enterprise, Ukraine. Although the key components will be supplied by Aeroscraft, the final assembly will be Ukrainian. This will give an opportunity not only to reduce the cost of the system, but also to provide Ukrainian enterprises with work.

By the end of this year the State Border Service will receive two complexes, another six are to be installed the next year.