Another proof for the Russian origin of Buk missile system, which shot down the Malaysian Boeing 777 in 2014, were photos of one of the Russian mechanics found on social networks. A detailed analysis of photos was published in the report of the International Expert-journalistic group Bellingcat.
In the photo, made most likely in the spring of 2013, it is clear that the car was assigned to the Russian 53-rd anti-aircraft missile brigade (military unit 32406).

Furthermore, photos of this air-defence system of February 2015 in Russia were discovered. A confirmation of the fact that the pictures show "Buk", which shot down a plane in the Donetsk region, are white numbers, transport marks and load-size marks.

"They are in the same place like in the photographs and videos of Buk-332, when it was in Russia in June 2014 and in Ukraine in July 2014," the experts emphasize in the report.

In the image you can see a man on the background of the Buk-332 air defense system, a little behind him - a pink container for the transportation of a 3M8 missile from the Krug missile system. The fact that the photo was taken at the transport courtyard of the 53rd Brigade, was proved with the images of another cadet with the same "Buk" and a container. Moreover, geolocation was established with satellite imagery.
PHOTO: Bellingcat