The Government of Canada has authorized the transfer of lethal weapons to Ukraine, in particular Javelin anti-tank complexes, according to James Bezan, Canadian MP from the Conservative Party.

“After this government decree, Canada can sell or transfer Javelin to Ukraine,” Canadian MP stated.

He went on saying that he also supports the introduction of a visa-free regime with Ukraine, which will help to revive the business relations between the two countries.

Earlier, the Government of Canada included Ukraine in the list of states in where arms exports were allowed. Thus, the government de facto lifted the embargo on the sale of Canadian weapons to Ukraine, which existed for many years.

It worth noting, that The Automatic Firearms Country Control List defines countries in which Canadian manufacturers are allowed to supply weapons.

The list included 39 countries, Ukraine became the 40th. The issue of the arms supply was lobbied by the Ukrainian authorities and the diaspora in Canada for a long time.